Poetry & Songs

  • “Make-a-Wish” Pif, 2016
  • “Red Camaro”, Pif, 2016
  • “Derelict” & “False Dilemma”. Canthius, 2015
  • “Exodus”, Pif, 2012
  • “Shine on, you moons of Jupiter” Puritan , 2013
  • “Shine on, you moons of Jupiter: Author Notes. 2013
  • “If Nostalgia were religion” and “Innocent Light” , Contemporary Verse 2, Winter, 2011.
  • “Someone glimmering”, Canadian Medical Association Journal, 2008
  • “Washerwomen, blessings”. Canadian Women Studies, 2003. read poem
  • “Washerwomen, blessings. Deirdre Maultsaid (lyrics); Leila Lustig music for piano and voices, 2006. Leila Lustig, Canadian Music Centre.


Academic Press

  • Writing for compassion and connection. Spirituality and Health International. 2007; John Wiley and Sons.
  • Writing and literature for compassion and connection. “Interweaving Science, Wisdom and Compassion” conference, 2006. UBC Interprofessional Continuing Education.
  • Death before dishonour: a patient narrative. Poster. “Where’s the Patient Voice in Health Professional Education” conference, 2005. UBC Interprofessional Continuing Education.
  • Moral peril: a memoir of “learning”. Arts-Informed, 2005. Dept. of Adult Education and Counseling Psychology, University of Toronto.


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