E-book: Ashes of Her Shelter Available for eBook Readers

Set on the West Coast of Canada in the 70’s and 80’s, The Ashes of Her Shelter is a lyrical novel, with “home” as a strong motif, about the bond between  sisters, told from the unreliable viewpoint of an activist, Christine, who  loves with a twisted loyalty her conventional sister Leigh-Anne. Christine by  accident leads Leigh-Anne into danger and fails to protect her from bad  relationships with men.

Download from Smashwords onto a variety of  ebook readers like Kindle, Kobo and Sony. Can also buy it directly from barnesandnoble.com, and Diesel E-Books. Read it online or as a PDF from Smashwords or here.


“Although it was hard for Christine to accept, Vince changed everything between Christine and Leigh-Anne. Christine had already been half-crazed with what she felt for her beautiful and talented sister—a fanatical kind of love, with its hot misunderstandings, its burning green explosions, and its urge to both shield and wound the beloved. On the night Christine first met Vince (the avant-garde artist, the avant-garde double boyfriend), she was not imagining who she wanted to protect and who she wanted to hurt.”

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