Pink fur purr

Maultsaid, D. (2022). Pink Fur Purr. Impossible Archetype (11), March, 2022, pp.62-63

I was sorry for the mercy sex,
but humans hunt humans.

You wished to be a lady with a parasol: 
pure and ethereal. I was fiendish and real.

At 5, I had a cat doll with a wire hoop skirt
covered in faux black fur.

I could unzip her skirt and fold my pajamas inside.
Look at her stiff matron’s smile. How I despised her. 

At 5, I ran down the alley: the smell of hay, 
the golden twilight. I found my body.

When we made love, you cried at finding your body.  
The bridal princess is dead. 

This is your body: your sweaty pelt. 
You are hungry. You fiend, you fiend. 

I will take you through the Rijksmuseum
Until you are blissful and spent and full. 

You want it: demure naked ladies,
Cloaked virgins; Oh, that is the Milkmaid.

We will come upon van der Helst’s “Adriana”.
She wears orange ringlets, a cape and a bead broach.

Everywhere on her gown, in her hair, 
on her ruffled sleeves, are rows of pink tufts.

I will tell you about my silly pajama cat. 
We will giggle and laugh. 

I will keeping saying “fur”.
You will keep purring. 

Here will be Fendi’s “WombTomb”, a 2-metre long
chest covered in faux fur of cream and green.

It will pulse with a flamboyant power. 
The vulva on the lid is thick plush pink fur.  

If you could lift the lid you would see the paradox: 
the womb tomb holds only one human. 

I will say, “the tensions, the duality”.
You will purr and agree.  

Tensions will bring on the great pink Queerness. 
You will be safe and you will be undone by my caress. 

The End 

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