Read the following testimonials of Deirdre Maultsaid’s work, This Crisis, These Blessings.

“Out of the crisis that is contemporary womanhood, Deirdre Maultsaid’s voice sings out sure and clear. Whether drawn from her life as teacher, mother, sexual assault survivor or traveler, Maultsaid’s fragments and reflections illuminate through challenging, refuse to excuse themselves, choose instead to bless their reader with wounds. Ready to revolt? Stubborn, lush, combative and irreducible, Maultsaid’s lyric rants invite us in to a world where too much is known, and like water, we rise. Sick of slick fiction? Can’t stomach another narrative cliché? Take a draught of the truth and sample These Blessings—maybe you’ll even make it to your contortionist act on time.”Cathy Stonehouse, author of The Words I Know, and the essay “In the Presence of Grace” (Dropped Threads Three)

“These essays are disturbing and cumulative and unexpected, a vivid testimony as sharp and fine as iron and wine.”~ Mark Anthony Jarman, author of Salvage King, Ya!, 19 Knives, and Ireland’s Eye

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